Free Delivery Brine Shrimp Eggs

Free Delivery Brine Shrimp Eggs

Free delivery brine shrimp eggs hatch into freshly hatched day-old brine shrimp, also known as baby brine shrimp or Artemia nauplii, are often considered an excellent food source for baby fish fry due to several reasons:

  • Nutritional Value: Free delivery brine shrimp eggs hatch into highly nutritious baby brine shrimp that provide essential nutrients that are crucial for the growth and development of young fish. They are rich in proteins, lipids, and amino acids, which are necessary for the rapid growth and muscle development of fry.
  • Small Size: Baby brine shrimp are tiny and easily consumable by small fish fry. Their small size allows even the tiniest fry to feed on them, ensuring that no fish are left without food.
  • High Protein Content: Protein is an essential component for the growth and development of young fish. Baby brine shrimp have a high protein content, making them an ideal food source for fry.  Free delivery brine shrimp eggs contain a high amount of proteins that aid in tissue growth, organ development, and overall health.
  • High Energy Levels: Free delivery brine shrimp eggs hatch into baby brine shrimp which contain lipids and fatty acids, which provide a concentrated source of energy for growing fry. These energy-rich nutrients support their metabolic needs and promote healthy growth.
  • Readily Available: Baby brine shrimp can be easily obtained or cultured at home. Their eggs, known as cysts, can be purchased from By hatching these cysts in saltwater and providing suitable conditions, you can produce a constant supply of freshly hatched brine shrimp for your baby fish.
  • Stimulates Natural Hunting Instincts: Feeding baby fish with live food, such as baby brine shrimp, can help stimulate their natural hunting instincts. It encourages active feeding behaviours, promotes natural foraging skills, and helps develop their predatory instincts.

It’s important to note that while baby brine shrimp can be a highly beneficial food source, they should be part of a varied diet for the fry. Offering a mix of live, frozen, and commercially available fry foods ensures a well-rounded nutritional intake for the young fish.

What Are Brine Shrimp?

Free delivery brine shrimp eggs and sea monkeys are crustaceans that are classified in the phylum Arthropoda (the largest phylum in the animal kingdom, which includes insects and other creatures with jointed legs and exoskeletons).

They live in inland bodies of saltwater, such as Lake Eyre, but not in the ocean, where they would have too many predators.

The female brine shrimp lays encapsulated eggs, or cysts, which remain dormant until the right hatching conditions. These Free delivery brine shrimp eggs can survive for years when dried and then, when added to salt water, hatch literally overnight!

The hatched shrimp larvae are called nauplii (singular is ‘nauplius’) and have a different anatomical structure than adult brine shrimp. A nauplius has only one eye, called a nauplier eye and has an extra pair of antennae with hairlike setae for swimming.

The nauplii molt, or shed their exoskeleton, about 12 hours after hatching. This brings them into the second larval stage. After several more moultings, they reach the adult stage; it only takes about eight days to mature from the time they hatch.

Adult brine shrimp have a pair of compound eyes as well as the nauplier eye. They also have 11 pairs of pleopods or leg-like appendages. The structure of the pleopods are designed for different functions: some are for swimming and the others are for scraping and filtering algae (the shrimp’s primary food source).

Mature brine shrimp might grow to as much as 12mm and live for up to three months.

Use a pipet or medicine dropper to ‘catch’ some of the shrimp and transfer them with sufficient water into a petri dish for easy observation. To view the sea monkeys under microscope look at them closely with low power (10-30x) magnification.

Overall, the small size, high protein content, balanced nutritional profile, and enrichment potential make Free delivery brine shrimp eggs an excellent and nutritious food source for fish fry. They provide the essential nutrients required for growth, development, and overall health, promoting optimal conditions for the young fish to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to hatch brine shrimp?

Most brine shrimp eggs should hatch in 24 hours with the temperature at 28C. At 21C, it can take up to 36 hours for a good result. A higher temperature is important to get a faster hatch rate.

How long does it take for brine shrimp to give birth?

Under ideal living conditions, a brine shrimp will mature and reproduce in 14 - 21 days.

What helps brine shrimp eggs hatch?

Rehydrating free delivery brine shrimp eggs in salt water for 18 - 36 hours at 24C you can hatch baby brine shrimp (BBS) which come with with highly nutritious yolk sacs, packed with proteins and healthy fats, essential for hungry baby tropical fish fry.

How do you know when brine shrimp are hatching?

Freshly hatched baby brine shrimp will settle to the bottom of your brine shrimp hatchery or move towards a light source.

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